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Indoor Coordinators
David Dorsch (information only) - DavMDorsch@aol.com

Although WASA does not organize orpromote winter indoor soccer, we recognize that there is a great amount of interest in this activity from our soccer families.

To assist our families in pursuing this activity, WASA has appointed an indoor soccer coordinator to maintain contact with and gather information from the various indoor soccer facilities in our community. The indoor coordinators role is to pass information from the indoor facilities to interested WASA families.

Please be advised, that WASA does not endorse or support nor is WASA affiliated with these facilities in any manner. We are merely providing a conduit for information to our soccer families.

Your best option for finding a team is for your fall outdoor team to continue to play through the winter indoor season. The facilities we are in contact with do not accept applications by player; they accept applications only as a team. Some of the facilities may take an individual’s name for a “ waiting list”, but will not guarantee placement; the name is only used if an incoming team needs additional players. If your outdoor team is not going to play indoor soccer, we have had some success in helping individual players find a team to play with. This only works if coaches and players communicate with each other and with our coordinator. Contact our indoor coordinator if you need more information. Consider offering to manage the organizational details for the team. This will give your coach a (probably) much-appreciated break from these responsibilities.

A team fee of approximately $700 per session is collected by each facility. The facilities have various requirements for payments, including deposits(which are generally $250-$300 which is applied to the session cost), but it is important to note that the coach of each team is required to collect appropriate fees from the individual players. If a team withdraws from the league, the deposit may be forfeited.

Indoor soccer can be a fun and exciting game. These additional games can help develop a players soccer skills more quickly than playing only fall and spring soccer. There are some rule differences that make the game slightly different(foremost among these are no offside and the goalkeeper picking up balls kicked by his own team).In addition, the harder, smoother surface and walls make the game different as well. Also note that there are various, subtle differences in the rules among the various facilities.

If you are interested in indoor soccer, encourage your coach to have the entire team continuing to play together. Offer your own assistance. Volunteerism in this way can be quite rewarding.

If you have questions about indoor soccer, you may email WASA’s Indoor Coordinator (DavMDorsch@aol.com) or contact the facilities directly.

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