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High School Frequently Asked Questions

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Like the Middle School Soccer Association("MSSA"), the High School Soccer Association("HSSA") is a group of Central Ohio area leagues that organize joint "friendlies". WASA typically sponsors 2 to 4 HSSA teams each fall and spring season.

Depending upon holidays, each season is 7 or 8 games played once a week on Sunday afternoons. The spring season typically starts the first weekend in April and the fall season begins play the Sunday after Labor Day.

Because other Central Ohio area leagues are involved, there is some travel. Games are on Sunday afternoons starting at or after 1:30 PM.

Away games can be as near as fields at Worthington, Big Walnut or CESA(Easton) or as far as Marysville, Newark, or Grove City. WASA sponsored teams’ home games are at a Westerville city park or the Cleveland Avenue Sports Complex.

Played as "friendlies", and as all teams are co-rec, the level of play is typically less intense than the MSSA games. Each team is required to play a minimum of 3 girls on the field at all times and slide tackling is not permitted in HSSA. Everyone involved (players, coaches, and spectators) on both sides need to maintain an appropriate level of sportsmanship and remember that the most important aspect of these games is for them to be FUN for the players.

No and yes! As soccer is a fall sport for local schools, players that are on their school teams are not permitted to play on an HSSA team that season. However, a player that plays on their school team may participate in the HSSA during the spring season (provided that they are not also playing on a club team in that same season).

Yes, however, the best way to handle this is to register on time and then withdraw if your player makes the school team. This way, there will be no question that they will be placed on a team. As below, a refund will be given if your child is unable to play for a WASA team in HSSA.